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All My Circuits
All My Circuits

All My Circuits is a robot soap opera set in the fictional universe of the animated television series Futurama (a show-within-a-show). Calculon, a male robot, plays himself as the main character. He is supported by, among others, Monique, a fembot; Boxy, an armless robot that communicates solely by making beeping sounds and who plays Calculon's evil half-brother; a token human (known simply as "Human Friend"); and a child-robot actor who suffered a mechanical breakdown on set, prompting a hasty recasting in the episode Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television. Bender was hired for the role and briefly became the show's star.

All My Circuits is a parody of normal soap operas (such as All My Children) in that it has many wild, unpredictable, and unlikely plot twists such as identical long-lost half-brothers (Calculon apparently having six evil identical septuplets), or the whole cast suffereing from amnesia. The show appears to be filmed live rather than recorded, however this could be a result of Calculon's refusal to do takes. It has been adapted to the big screen for All My Circuits: The Movie (seen briefly in the episode Raging Bender), which was formatted to allow the audience to vote on the direction of the plot (similar to Choose Your Own Adventure).


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